These articles and talks deal with photography, creativity, interviews, notes from a Tibetan monastery, a bit of memoir, and an article about a workshop.

Looking into the Light Introduction

Chapter One, About this Book

Kissing My Cousin from Riverteeth Magazine

About the Project, from Looking into the Light

The Portrait Chapter, from Looking into the Light

Borges (and Me) My introduction to The Secret Books

Duane Michals Second Interview Camera Arts

A Note on the cover of Greg Heisler's book.

Robert Frank Interview, US Camera Annual

The Duane Michals interview from Camera 35.

Ways Photography Works on Us, a kind of think-y chapter from my book, Creativity and the Photographer.

Talk to Psychiatrists, San Diego a plernary address on the value of creativity to a convention of doctors who supervise psychiatric residents at hospitals around the country.

Kathmandu Lhasa Trip: description of a photography adventure

Interview, INK Magazine 2012 by Caryn Davis. An overview of the origins of several bodies of work. Good conversation.

Beauty and Healing and Early Childhood for Adults: notes for a talk at Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University

Extending the Photo: The most surprising assignment I've ever come up with.

The Kondratieff Wave: an article by Karen Kernan that completely explains our current economic crisis.

Parsing Good: What makes our good work good?From Communication Arts

The Artist, Lost and Found From Communication Arts,1999

A Workshop Experience by Susan Fisher

Master Class for Masters: Creative Reincarnation from Communication Arts

Indelible Image From Smithsonian Magazine, the story of a photograph

My (Short) Life in Theater From Communication Arts

Kissing My Cousin from Riverteeth Magazine

Monastic Existence: Winter in Ladakh

Does That Arugula Look Too Threatening from Communication Arts

Advice in a Meltdown from ASMP Bulletin

Conversation with John Paul Caponigro from View Camera

Communication Arts Profile by Larry Frascella

Stay Awake Graduation talk at Art Center, Pasadena, 2005

Surviving Critics from Communication Arts

Buddhist Economics from Edgaronline Newsletter

Two Scripts from Communication Arts