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The Eye Dance

From "Looking Into the Light". This is

the first part of a hands-on investigation of

just how an image calls out, invites us in,

then dances us through it.

Composition moves the eye. The eye moves the mind.

Before we even touch a camera we are going to do a deep dive into the primordial power of composition. First we’ll put down the camera and work in ways that are much more direct. Then we’ll see how a wildly varied group of major artists — Joshua Reynolds, Edgar Degas, Sol Le Witt, Al Heald, William Kentridge — have used composition to bring energies alive in the viewer. The point here is to get the elements of composition out in the open where we can see them very clearly and experience the different ways that it unfolds images.

The chapter is the first of three, and together they will take you on quite a radical path through the whole subject. You can read it HERE.

And you can find out more about the book HERE.