Looking Into The Light: The Creativity Book

Should you take people's responses seriously?

When I first found photography, it was as though I’d come upon a white horse grazing in a clearing in the forest.

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This book lays out a very unusual look at how creative work is done, and it gives ways toward a wider and deeper vision for photographers and artists of any kind. Read more.

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From "Looking Into the Light". This is

the first part of a hands-on investigation of

just how an image calls out, invites us in,

then dances us through it.


From "Looking Into the Light," this is part two of the section on composition. It carries you right past your habits of image making and projects you into a place that is beyond your conceptual range and leaves you to explore it.


This is the last chapter on composition, with an exercise that lets you enter the practice of master artists like Degas with your own hand.